Organic Weed Killers

After the long hard winter, everyone in our office is a buzz about the beautiful weather we are having here in central Iowa! The joy of seeing green shoots emerge from the muddy ground drew many of us outside to freshen up our yards over the weekend. Cleaning away the last of the winter debris is not just emotionally therapeutic, but it also prepares a clean slate for planting spring flowers. In case you have noticed any raggedy weeds rising near your daffodils or tulips, here are some great organic weed killers you can use to wipe them out without expensive or hazardous chemicals.  Post by Tabitha Zesch, Relocation Director

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  1. tzesch says:

    I tried several of these as well as a bottled “organic” product from the store. I can’t say any of them worked well except the boiling water which produced almost instant results. However, it would take way too much water to be practical for a large area such as a new garden bed.

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