Northern Annexation Considered by City Council

Tonight the Ames City Council will be debating if steps should be taken towards annexing land west of Ada Haden. The area is designated for residential development by the city’s Land Use Policy Plan; however, original expectations were that development would occur outside of the city limits according to county regulations. A key change that would result from annexation is that new homes constructed in the area would connect to the sanitary sewer instead of installing private septic systems. The city is very concerned with protecting the water quality of Ada Haden Lake, which serves as an emergency water source for the city. Therefore, an environmental study was ordered which concluded that annexation would be better than rural development or its current agricultural use.

There are strong opinions for and against the annexation and tonight’s council meeting will likely include heavy debate. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. and it will be broadcast on public access channel 12. Detailed information about the proposed annexation is available on the city’s website. Post by Tabitha Zesch, Relocation Director

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  1. tzesch says:

    The City Council voted 5-1 to ammend the Land Use Policy Plan and move towards annexation.

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