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Fight the winter blahs with a Soup Party

Friday, February 7th, 2014

This simple, casual party provides the opportunity to gather with friends and family in a home setting without a lot of fuss. Guests enter your home to the wonderful aromas of simmering soups and mingle around the kitchen nibbling on fresh bread at this informal “come as you are” party. Follow these guidelines to host a Soup Party of your own.

  • The Soup – Have your guests bring a crockpot of their favorite soup to share or a loaf of bread for dipping.
  • The Topping – These finishing touches range from cheese and sour cream to croutons and toasted nuts.
  • The Cup – Consider using smaller cups or mugs instead of bowls so your guests can sample multiple soups.
  • The Dessert – A fondue buffet keeps with the liquid theme of the party and provides variety from fruit to marshmallows.

Follow this link from our friends at Better Homes & Gardens for great soup ideas!